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Start protecting your assets!

Data is a growing asset, not only for companies and organizations. 

To protect data and intellectual property, it's necessary to protect the systems serving and storing your data.


Cyberarms Intrusion Detection and Defense Software (IDDS) blocks brute force attacs on Windows Servers, running:

  • Remote Desktop services
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Outlook Web Access
  • SMTP (generic)
  • FTP (generic)
  • SQL Server
  • Filemaker
  • Custom Websites
  • and others

With a plug-in system, the product is extremely easy to extend to fit your needs. We offer custom security agents to exactly meet your security requirements.


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Security Screening And Consulting

Cyberarms stands for security products - and isicore for the service behind.

We offer network and security screenings, as well as evaluation of your current security infrastructure.

Systems and environment considered:

  • Every service offered to a broader audience (webserver, web services, email, DNS, and so on)
  • Firewalls and edge servers 
  • Physical security
  • Wireless security
  • Coverage of anti virus
  • Backup systems and remote locations
  • VPN tunnels and access to corporate network
  • Recovery plans
  • Incident response procedures 
  • Documentation

With workshops, we will build scenarios and test cases, overview currently taken measures and implemented standards, to build strong and secure IT governance for your organization. Worldwide.

  • Building a global IT security concept.



Cyberarms is a registered trademark, which was previously published by Cyberarms Limited. 

isicore has acquired the brand and products in 2017.


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