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Cyberarms unveils the new IDDS 2.1

neue Version

The Security Software Specialist unveiled the new version of its widely used Intrusion Detection and Defense System (IDDS) which offers a turnkey solution to protect windows systems against Brute Force attacks and intrusion attempts. The Cyberarms IDDS was developed to provide administrators with the unique tools and features they need for advanced System Security while focusing on low system overhead and high performance required on server systems. This key principle remains one of the most important quality criteria for the new version providing a Security System with a small footprint.

Cyberarms' makeover of the IDDS provides advanced usability through a modern and user-centered  interface and offers extended functionality to both - the Free Edition as well as the Pro Edition.


Get more out of the Free Edition

With up to five locks per day - where formerly only one was possible - the new Free Edition is to be the basic solution for private and small business needs. As a response to an environment where even small business and private server systems are under permanent attack, the capabilities of the Free Version were extended.

Advanced configuration for the new Security Agents

Cyberarms Security Agents are Plug-Ins to secure additional services like FTP, Remote Desktop, SQL Server, etc. The new IDDS 2.1 enables individual configuration of Agent specific security settings. Administrators can therefore determine how many logon attempts are allowed on specific services in order to further customize the Security Software to the individual needs.

Statistics & Reports

When it comes to Security, knowledge and information about what is going on are the key to success. The new Cyberarms Intrusion Detection and Defense System enables administrators to stay informed about the health of their systems. Time based statistic reports give insights about which services are attacked most frequently, where intruders come from, how many IP addresses have been blocked etc.

Free Update

Cyberarms offers a free update for users of the Professional Edition 2.0.


  • Improved User-Interface
  • Dashboard highlighting important numbers and facts
  • Per agent security settings
  • Statistics and reporting  - advanced filtering per Agent to evaluate the systems with the most hacking activity
  • Up to 5 Locks per day in the Free Edition


Version 2.1


Current Locks

Intrusion Log


To see more screenshots and learn how to configure your new IDDS, please check out the Installation & Configuration Guide




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