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Download Cyberarms IDDS Version 2.2

Image -screenIDDS is a completely free on-host intrusion detection system. 


If you have not installed Cyberarms IDDS before on your system, please download the ZIP archive and use setup.exe for installation. The installer will install the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 and the current C++ runtime library.

If you are doing an upgrade install, please use the .msi software installer packet. To avoid a system restart to be required, simply stop the Cyberarms Intrusion Detection Service and close the administration program prior installation.

Download your free Security System:



  • For new installations, start setup.exe. Do not use the .msi file for installation.
  • For upgrade installations, use the .msi file for installation. Stop the Intrusion Detection Service and close the administration program to avoid a system restart.
  • The system does not protect you "out of the box". To make the system work, you have to enable the security agents required by your system after installation (see installation & configuration). The setup process dispays the installation guide automatically in a browser window after installation. Please follow the basic installation steps.

 How to enable agents

Cyberarms Version 2.2 is available!

The version 2.2 is only available as 64 bit edition. With 2.2 we have removed licensing and activation and changed our business to a support based model.

IDDS is completely free to use and to distribute. 


Cyberarms Version 2.1 is available!

The Version 2.1 is available as 64 bit and 32 bit download. Please choose your Windows Server platform. 32 bit editions will not run on 64 bit systems anymore.

Check the new version out!

  • Improved User-Interface
  • Dashboard highlighting important numbers and facts
  • Better Reporting - advanced filtering per Agent to evaluate the systems with the most hacking activity
  • Up to 5 Locks per day in the Free Edition

License keys for any 2.x version are valid vor this version.

Release Notes

Read about the latest fixes and updates.

Version 2.2.0

Removed licensing and activation.

Version 2.1.5

- Unlocking of Soft/Hardlocks resulted in unlocking everything
- Hard attacks led to deadlocks of the internal database. 

Version 2.1.4

Agents of base security package registration issue led to "disabled" agents. This was fixed in 2.1.4.

Version 2.1.3

Version 2.1.3 delivers new security agents for Routing and Remote Access (RRAS) and a FileMaker. The security agent for Remote Desktop protection (TLS/SSL agent) was updated to reflect the new TLS/SSL protocol specification used between Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 (and higher).

In some circumstances, the SQL Server security agent falsely denied access to the system. This happened when connecting from the local host with invalid credentials and named pipes connections. This issue was resolved with version 2.1.3. 

Version 2.1.1

This update contains an agent status icon on the dashboard to see which agents are enabled. This was introduced to improve software usability.

Manual removal of IP addresses from the firewall rule resulted in an unrecoverable state of the lock object. This was corrected with version 2.1.1